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Scholars assume that Austronesian seafarers, and later Maldivian and Arab


Itineraries in Seychelles


Itineraries in Seychelles



The Seychelles Islands offer something very different than the usual tropical holiday. Not only are the only granitic islands in the center of the world ocean with unparalleled beauty, biodiversity is also equipped with an invaluable and each of the 115 islands that make up the archipelago is different from the others in terms of characteristics, features and landscapes that can sometimes deeply impress the visitor.

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Mahé is a 'huge granite island and green, which culminates with a mountain over 900m, with more than 65 beaches and picturesque islands that surround the Ste Anne Marine Park. Drive around Mahé with a sailboat (5mi 18mi to) you will learn more about the unforgettable landscape of the north coast with the island "L'Ilot" and then the long white beach and the many tourist facilities in the famous bay of Beau Vallon may wish to anchor for the night or go ashore to enjoy delicious dishes at one of the many restaurants. Nearby there is also a casino and numerous bars to 'explore' before returning on board under a blanket of stars.

Dotted with coco-de-mer palms and thick stands of mangroves, Curieuse Island is a typical example of the unparalleled beauty you'll find in the Seychelles. In the distant past, the island was the site of a leper colony. Today, it's a cruising paradise.

Itineraries Seychelles



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