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Cote Azur (French Riviera) / Corsica

This coastline was one of the first modern resort areas.

Golfe Juan

Itineraries in Cote Azur (French Riviera) / Corsica

Port Pin Rolland

Itineraries in Cote Azur (French Riviera) / Corsica


Northwest Corsica

No description can do justice to one of the most spectacular cruising areas of the western Mediterranean and, most important thing the island has not suffered too much tourism development, it is covered for the greater part of the Mediterranean, a set of bushes, shrubs and trees that spread very aromatic, especially in spring, a noticeable characteristic fragrance from many miles offshore. Hard not to be intoxicated, it will be for his Genoese origins or its "Caribbean" Beaches surrounded by high mountains, but we can not escape the charm of this island.


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Among the many small bays is reminiscent of the "beach of Marinella", the "beach of Saint Francois" and clear "Isolella the beach."
In the Gulf of Ajaccio is also the Island of Blood, known for its wildlife and the castle which is on the peak of the island.
The sunset here is considered one of the most picturesque in Europe.

All Bastia, is characterized by numerous Italian-style buildings dating from the nineteenth century, overlooking the old port, this gives it a tone of typical Mediterranean town.

The town of Calvi rises sheer on one of the most beautiful bays of Corsica and the Mediterranean. The surrounding region around Calvin always inspired painters and poets with its appearance at once sweet and majestic. In winter, the spectacle of a large bay surrounded by snow-capped mountains bright surprise the visitor.

In 1676, 730 Greek families originating Itilo, in the southern Peloponnese peninsula of Mani in the area to escape Turkish domination landed in Corsica, having obtained permission from the Republic of Genoa to move there. The Greeks had large land concession in the area uninhabited Paomia, Sangone inland, and there were a first colony met with hostility from the local population, refugees were repeatedly attacked during the riots of 1715 and 1729 antigenovesi , finding refuge in the fortified town of Ajaccio in 1735 (here there is still a greek Orthodox chapel). Since 1769 they moved finally, under French protection, in Cargese. The village was again attacked by courses in 1793, during the Revolution, and the population had to flee again in Ajaccio. Reduced by one third of staff, the Cargesini could return to their homes until four years later.

The North West of the island is a place of leisure par excellence resorts and beaches for all tastes <span class="\"hps" atn\"="">(</span><span>here</span> <span class="\"hps\"">Bodri</span> <span class="\"hps\"">near</span> <span class="\"hps\"">the beach of</span> <span class="\"hps\"">Ile Rousse</span><span>)</span><span>.</span></span></p> <p></p>

Macinaggio is located on the northernmost part of Corsica, establishing itself as one of the worlds most interesting and unique place in the region, the town and its beautiful beaches are one of the major tourist destinations on the Mediterranean, offering its visitors the opportunity to admire and appreciate buildings and ancient monuments, but also many natural attractions of rare charm and curiosity.

The region of the Nebbio is a true land of contrasts: screws, large sectors of wine, and sandy beaches with turquoise waters for (Lodo Beach, Saleccia). Saint Florent is the most popular resort island of beauty, all the most prestigious yachts will approach a few nights to enjoy many cultural and artistic activities (festivals, concerts, fairs ...)

Itineraries Cote Azur (French Riviera) /

Northwest Corsica


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