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Over the past few years Croatia


Itineraries in Croatia


Itineraries in Croatia


From Zadar to Skadrin

A fantastic journey to discover the Croatian archipelago. Beautiful islands and coastal views.

289 yachts in Croatia


Biograd na Moru is located on the Adriatic Sea coast, overlooking the island of Pašman, on the road from Zadar and Sukošan towards Vodice and Šibenik. The town's native Slavic name fully translates as "the white town on the sea". The name was first mentioned in the 10th century as a town founded by the Croats. It was one of the most important cities, being the capital of most Croatian regnants such as Stephen Držislav and Peter Krešimir IV and as well as an important religious place.

The Archipelago of Murter and united by a bridge to the mainland. There are four tourist sites:Betina, Murter, Jezera and Tisno.
The island of Murter is composed of 139 islands, and other small islands. One of the most beautiful sights of the Mediterranean. The beauty of these places and the proximity to National Park Kornati, and the nearby city of Sibenik's rich history.

It was an Illyrian settlement (Scardona) on the boundary between the Delmati and the Liburnian tribes. It was the capital of the Liburnians. It was better known as a Roman town, as the administrative and military centre of the region. During the migration of the nations it was destroyed, but in the 9th century Croatians moved here. It has had its present name since the 10th century. It was one of the seats of the Bribir Šubič family. Between 1522 and 1684 it was ruled by the Ottoman Turks, then again up to 1794 by Republic of Venice.

Telašćica is a bay that is situated in the southeastern portion of the island of Dugi Otok. Telašćica is a 10 km long, 160-1800 m wide, deep inlet dotted with cliffs, islets and bays. It actually consists of three smaller bays. It has the reputation of being a good, safe harbour for all kinds of vessels. The northeastern side of the bay is copletely bare, but the southwestern shore is covered in thick forest of pine, olive and fig trees.

Vodice was first mentioned in 1402 although it was founded already in the Roman times as Arausa. Its name derives from the word meaning water sources which supplied the whole area. The defense walls from the times of the Turks with the Coric tower testify the past times. Other similar monuments are St. Cross' church on the former graveyard, built in 1421 and the parish church in the town centre built in 1746.

The Riviera of Zadar and the town are located on the most indented coast of the Adriatic, full of small coves, islets and islands, are easy places to visit thanks to its excellent tourist facilities. In the vicinity of Zadar, there are three national parks Paklenica, Krka waterfalls and Kornati islands, nature parks Velebit and Telašćica whose beauties are not to be missed. Zadar is often called the "small Croatian Rome" for the large number of churches in the city

Itineraries Croatia

From Zadar to Skadrin


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