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Itineraries in Sicily / Calabria


Itineraries in Sicily / Calabria



The Calbrian coast

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The rocky promontory of Capo Vaticano is located in the town of Tropea (VV) south-west from Vibo Valentia, near Tropea, famous tourist destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea. A legend it that in ancient times there was an oracle that stood on the promontory at the place where the sailors were addressed before facing the sea, visiting the cave where he resided, which is under the rock that bore his name.

Imagine a warm and hospitable land, think of ancient civilizations, add the beauty of a wonderful landscape, the charm of its history and grandeur of great architectural works. This is Bagnara, anchored firmly to the traditions of a town where hospitality is a sacred trust, handed down from the great civilizations that have inhabited this land.

Palms is located close to the slopes of Mount St. Elias and overlooks a stretch of the Costa Viola. It borders the town of Seminara and the town of Gioia Tauro.Una details of the attractions is the "Scoglio dell'Ulivo" with its distinctive olive tree at the top of the rock in the sea.

A fishing village and resort located overlooking the sea in a picturesque location along the coast of the Gulf of St. Eufemia.
Born in the Middle Ages according to some sources on the site of Napitum, with the Castle of Joachim Murat, is renowned for its ice creams and even spaghetti with squid ink of sepia, served in many restaurants.

Scilla is part of the Costa Viola with Bagnara and Palmi. Stands perched on the slopes of a rocky promontory just at the entrance to the Strait of Messina, which separates two breasts of sea. Scilla is still famous for the traditional fisheries of swordfish, the beauty of the harbor with houses built on the sea level, for the food which is based mostly on fish dishes, for its local wines as the Scilla of Cerasolo but especially for the hospitality and friendliness of the locals.

Tropea, famous for its crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches, is part of the Costa degli Dei, which has about 50 km of beautiful coastline, unique in Italy. Km you will find these in many other countries with its own characteristics. The countries of the Costa degli Dei are: Pizzo, Briatico, Zambrone, Tropea, Santa Domenica, Tropea, Capo Vaticano and Nicotera

La city's location, nestled on a hillside, is of strategic importance at a local level. Crossroads since ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, the city of Vibo Valentia is situated on a large terraced hillside.

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